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Samantha - Patch Bonding Control for Safety Slide Repairs

Samantha - Patch Bonding Control for Safety Slide Repairs
P/N :GMIST0704-V

The “Samantha“ (P/N: GMIST0704) Console has been developed to handle the bonding process of repair patches on aircraft safety slides.
The console groups all the instrumentation of measurement, power, programming, safety, and printer for quality control; PC supervision is also provided.
The electronic circuits have been specially studied to control a heating electric power to provide a soft current appropriate to the specific nature of the very light fabric patch material.
This innovative equipment improves quality of bonding and productivity in operations.

  • Dimensions and weight: console closed 47 x 35 x 25 cm; 8 Kg
  • Temperature measurement by thermocouple type J. Up to 12; 3 per heatin channel. Precision: better than +/-0,5 °C.
  • Heating channel simultaneous control capability: 4
  • Power: 220 Volts or 120 Volts to be specified at the order.
  • Calibration of measurement circuits: by PC software ANITALK ST.
  • Cable and accessory console delivered. Dimensions: 47 x 35 x 17 cm; Weight with cables: 8 kg around. Content as below.
  • Cables
    • Power in cable: 8 meters long - Qty 1,
    • Heating circuit cable: 5 meters long. Qty 4,
  • Heating Circuits
    • We offer circular and rectangular heating circuits. Some circuits, when large are designed with 2 or 4 independent heating circuits.

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