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Job title: Electronic Wirer for assembly and integration for the manufacture of our equipment 
Job title: Wired Wizard (M/F)
Type of contract : CDI
Working hours : Full time
Annual gross salary : According to profile 
Level of study : CAP Electronics
Experience level : 2 to 5 years minimum
Reference of the offer : Technicien GMI/RC/310502
Location of the position : Paris 19ème

The holder of the qualification will ensure the assembly and wiring operations of electrical and electronic equipment embedded (mainly wire wiring) in a sub-assembly in strict compliance with the rules related to the environment and safety. He (she) intervenes in the respect of the specifications of a manufacturing and assembly file (small series) or on a manufacturing process at the unit, alone or sometimes in team on various electrical, electronic elements of an instrument or equipment. Some devices may require a mechanical intervention: simple drilling, tapping, fixing.... Beforehand, he will have to: - Prepare the necessary elements (components, electronic cards, sub-assemblies, tools, etc.. ) for the manufacture by wiring of a sub-assembly or a complete instrument - Have studied the assembly diagrams and the documentation of the elements He will also have to: - Manufacture wiring harnesses or connection of the equipment to the external elements (Assembly of power take-off, pulling of cables) - Protect and condition the sub-assembly for delivery (storage, installation of the plastic protections, closing of the parcels) Skills : - Crimping techniques, plan reading, technical soldering diagrams and mastering the rules of electrical and electronic assembly - Visual appreciation of electrical and electronic wiring - Mechanical assembly

Profile required
Ideally experienced in assembly wiring integration of electrical and electronic material embedded in an equipment or instrument, you are able to : - Select cables and wires from the electrical diagram, the wiring plan or the power of the equipment - Assemble mechanical elements - Make an electrical connection - Wire an electronic instrument entirely from the plan - Prepare electrical wires - Check an electrical wiring - Use manual tools and electrical measuring devices (multimeter, dielectrimeter, milliohmeter...)

Description of the company GMI Aero
GMI Aero specializes in the design and development of aircraft maintenance technologies, particularly for carbon structures, and manufactures equipment and instruments that are sold to aeronautical operators around the world. Our reputation is the result of 30 years of presence and support to customers in mastering new repair processes that use defect detection, machining and hot bonding techniques. Our policy is based on high quality values in a leading-edge field which have enabled us to be recognized and approved by aeronautical manufacturers. We continuously invest in research and innovation. We are a small structure with a human size of 20 people in strong development with many projects

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