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Anita Combat - Hot Bonder for Battle field

Anita Combat - Hot Bonder for Battle field

GMI Aero addresses battle field composite repair works with a complete solution for patch bonding : robust bonding process controller and appropriate heating systems. For the context of battle field, the operator needs an equipment light and robust, integrally equipped and with push-button operation very short sequence. Our Anita Battle field complies fully with these constraints in offering in a small compact volume, all functions needed for expediting a bonding process.

• Two working possibilities :

Battle field : quick connection is provided for use of our integrally sensor equipped heating blankets  (see below)
Workshop : individual connections for thermocouple cables and electric heaters to allow standard blanket use

4 thermocouples
• Programming of cycles through PC
• USB interface for cycle data logging and analysis on a PC
Dimensions : W x D x H: 350 x 280 x 170 mm - 13,7 x 11 x 9 in
Weight : 5 kg

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