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- Leslie AT - Innovative Tooling Workshop -

- Leslie AT - Innovative Tooling Workshop -
P/N :GMIAT87B02-320

With the mobile composite repair workshop, GMI offers the equipment to conduct all the repair tasks before bonding. GMI invented a series of tools that allow to realize all the generic repair works on advanced composite structures.

Contains :

• Accessories to prepare the repair : honeycomb, cut, lamination of dry fabrics, cutting and assembly of patches
• Pneumatics machines, one router and one sander
• A foldable oven for drying after core removal and before core installation or potting (Optional)
• First hand set of bagging products state of the art
The innovative kit of Attachements :

• Depth Control
• Sanding with Depth Control : curved and very curved surfaces
• Routing
• Chamfering : edge milling
• Set of Diamond cutters for routing, milling, stepping, scarfing, chamfering

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