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Stretchable Blankets

Stretchable Blankets

The stretchable (or conformable) heating blankets are stretcher than the shardard heating blankets.
They give a better diffusion of heat and can better adapt to curved surfaces such as double curvature.

Technical Caracteristics:

  • Shapes: Rectangular, round, oval
  • Available in 120V or 230V
  • Avaiable in 1 or more heating zone
  • Maximum size : 60x60 cm or Ø60cm


Stretchable blankets references
P/N Description
GMIHBC010010-1Z-2 Stretchable Heating Blanket 10x10 cm
1 Heating Zone - 230V
GMIHBC020020-1Z-2 Stretchable Heating Blanket 20x20 cm
1 Heating Zone - 230V
GMIHBC030040-1Z-2 Stretchable Heating Blanket 30x40 cm
1 Heating Zone - 230V
GMIHBC045045-1Z-2 Stretchable Heating Blanket 45x45 cm
1 Heating Zone - 230V
GMIHBC010-1Z-2 Stretchable Heating Blanket Ø10 cm
1 Heating Zone - 230V
GMIHBC050-2Z-2 Stretchable Heating Blanket Ø50 cm
2 Heating Zone - 230V


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