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SmartValve - Flat and Curved Surfaces

SmartValve - Flat and Curved Surfaces

Having decades of experience, EFC owner Bert Groenewoud developed and patented a new type Economic SmartValves for use
on flat and curved surfaces of composite parts that perform better than existing types of valves currently on the market.

SmartValve advantages over traditional vacuum valves
This Flat SmartValve has the following features:
• Cost savings due to processing time reduction
• Cost savings due to service life of valves
• Cost savings by no maintenance on the single part valve
• The Stainless steel body resists high temperatures
• Appliccable on flat and curved surfaces
• Can be used with all standard couplings and gauges
• Reasonably priced
• A lifetime guarantee on the main body of the valve

Two types of SmartValves
The images below show the applications typical for the different types of SmartValves. Stops and couplings are not supplied
with the SmartValve. They merely serve to show the connectivity options.

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