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The project aims to develop and deliver a new generation of high performance epoxy composites and adhesive with debonding on command that can be manufactured by traditional methods, but unlike the current ones, they can be easily disassembly and repaired in terms of fibre/matrix delaminations by applying heat and pressure to the damaged area. The final objective is to reduce costs by means of recovering rejected composite parts delaminated in production line or in service. Despite the significant growth of composite materials in transport and wind energy, they still suffer limitations: To permit composite industry to gain competitiveness and enter new markets, more automated and simpler repair techniques are required. With these new epoxy composites and adhesives to assembly components and unlike traditional ones, the repair of almost all delaminations will be done in few minutes and without patches.

NEOCROSS composites preserve all of the advantages of conventional thermosets, while showing new unprecedented features such as easy Reparability, Reprocessability and Recyclability (3R). This is possible because they are based on a groundbreaking thermoset resin system (recently invented/patented by CIDETEC, subcontractor of GAIRESA and SOFITEC) including dynamic bonds, which enable such behaviour. This will be the essence of NEOCROSS for the development of faster/cheaper repair technologies for composite delaminations, which, will allow recuperation of manufacturing rejected parts and reduce MRO costs. These repair processes, unlike patches, do not require removal of the damaged part by grinding/milling, neither the use of prepreg with long curing times. Additionally the repaired parts will recover all initial properties, which does not happen in repairs with injection (current alternative to patches). NEOCROSS delamination repairs overcomes all the drawback of current technologies and will simply require application of heat and pressure, through a portable repairing tool to be developed by GMI, being performed in minutes versus hours/days required in conventional repairing processes, with 100% properties recovery. Lastly, the novel debonding on command adhesive from NEOCROSS will permit easy separation of damaged parts under specific stimulus, to allow detaching of delaminated parts for their repair.

Partners: GAIRESA (Coordinator) – SOFITEC (ES), RESCOLL (F),

Duration: 1/11/2020 – 30/4/2023

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