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SmartValve - New Vacuum Valve

The SmartValve principle is to improve the vacuum bagging process while saving time and cost.
Thanks to the SmartValves, you won’t need to make incisions in the vacuum bags anymore or have mechanics holding hoses during the vacuum build-up: they are easy, stable and robust !
The SmartValves are made for flat & curved surfaces so that you can use them on every part, no matter where the area to be repaired may be.
They were invented by one of our agents, M. Bert Groenewoud from EFC Composites, who is also a trainer in Composite Repair

GMI Aero is distributing the whole range of SmartValves : Wide, Narrow and Pleat.

Download the brochure here

The SmartValves have several advantages:
  • No vacuum bag cutting
  • No vacuum bag rupture
  • No connectors falling over
  • No loss of separate parts
  • Single part - no leaking
  • High temperature resistant
  • Stable enough to support vacuum gauge
  • Linkable to other Smartvalves and gauges
  • Applicable on flat and curved surfaces


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