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Systematizing Collaboration amongst Business and Educational institutions with the acronym SCOBE was funded under the Erasmus Plus programme - Strategic Partnerships vocational education and training. The SCOBE project is coordinated by Vea Qualitas of Zaragosa, Spain and the other partners are from France, Greece, Malta, Hungary and the United Kingdom. The duration of this project is of 24 months from 01-09-2017 to 30-08-2019.

The kick off meeting of the project took place on the 30th November and 1st December 2017 in Zaragosa, Spain where the coordinators hosted the other partners. The aim of the meeting was for all the partners to meet and present their respective organisation and discuss the way forward regarding the SCOBE project’s outputs and deliverables. On the first evening the hosts treated the partners to a lovely welcome dinner at a wonderful Spanish restaurant.

The main aim of the project is to create a state of the art blended learning course targeting people in the renewable energy industry. The student program that will be created during the program will use SCOBE Toolkit to help nearly 3 million people work in the field of wind energy. The target groups participating in the training are students in a special course who wish to find a job in the field of renewable energy and workers in the renewable energy sector who are open to acquire new skills. Students will be given practical training and adult learners will be taught the latest technologies. At least 60 students and 30 adults will be involved in this training. The demanded and provided skills are the followings:

All of these skills will be available ( and obtainable with the help of SCOBE toolkit.

The participant organisations of this programme are:

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