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Newsletter - Semi Integrated Pump

Further to the request of several end-users and always following the modular architecture concept adopted since its creation, our hot bonder ANITA EZ is now available with a semi-integrated vacuum pump. Still not being penalized in terms of weight and price by an internal pump, our new version features a powerful, small-sized vacuum pump that fits in an Anita EZ accessory case !



Available both in 230V and bi-voltage versions, the new pump is easily transportable, on demand, enabling the performance of autonomous repair operations without the need of external vacuum or pressurized air provisions.


Main features:


  • Dimensions:     27x11x15cm
  • Weight:            3.85kg
  • Flow rate:        15lt/min
  • Max Vacuum:   0.99bar
  • Noise level:      <70dB
  • Voltage:       120-230V or 230V
  • Protection:      3A internal fuse
Moreover, as the hot bonder’s core structure remains unchanged, you can upgrade your existing Anita EZ by simply asking for the integration of the vacuum pump in your accessory case, through the following P/Ns:
GMIEZPV01: Semi-integrated Electrical Vacuum Pump bi-voltage
GMIEZPV02: Semi-integrated Electrical Vacuum Pump 230 Volts

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