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Calibration - Newsletter

Calibration is “The comparison of measurement values delivered by a device under test, with those of a calibration standard of known accuracy”. Such operation has to be regularly repeated, in order to ensure the good performance of the concerned device.
ANITA Hot Bonders and Thermography Inspection Controllers, being high precision devices, must be annually calibrated. To this end, GMI has organized an appropriate calibration laboratory, which is fully compliant with latest EASA requirements. In addition, as GMI is the OEM of such devices, whenever equipment is incoming for calibration, cleaning and small maintenance works are performed and all latest software upgrades are uploaded, at no additional cost to the end-user. 
We underline that no calibration or calibration by non-authorized centers may lead to technical discrepancies and to subsequent problems related to the sound operation of the equipment, which may result in safety hazards and/or damage of aircraft parts.

Considering that the three–digit calibration cost is usually 3-4 orders of magnitude less compared to the cost of the aircraft parts which are repaired / inspected by such high accuracy equipment, we invite all our end-users to strictly follow the annual calibration requirement of their equipment by GMI, ensuring quality and safety of their repair and inspection operations

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