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Airbus Tianjin's Training Course

Dear GMI Partners and Customers,

We are pleased to inform you that GMI Aero, in cooperation with its representative in mainland China Melchers China, has recently concluded a composite repair training course of the Airbus Tianjin Final Assembly Line (Airbus TJ FAL) experts. 

Due to COVID-related travel restrictions,  the training was performed with the support of GMI Aero representative in Taiwan. Complying with all applicable quarantine requirements and safety precautions. The training was performed during 5 days in the Chinese language at the Airbus TJ FAL facilities, covering all basic composite repair topics and advanced repair procedures

Since 2008 Airbus TJ FAL produces the A320 single-aisle family of passenger aircraft, and was joined by a Completion and Delivery Centre in 2017 for the A330, marking Airbus’ first wide-body jetliner centre outside of its founding countries. With the support of Melchers China, Airbus TJ FAL is now also fully equipped with a wide range of GMI Aero composite repair equipment (ANITA, Leslie etc.) so that its composite repair workshop could cover all the establishment’s requirements with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

The training came as a result of the overall cooperation between Airbus and GMI Aero which extends in more than three decades, covering the composite repair requirements in terms of equipment (ANITA EZ, EZH, QS, NG hot bonders, Leslie toolings etc.) and services (calibration, training, consultancy, customized salutations, innovative products etc.) of numerous Airbus factories in several counties, worldwide.

The successful implementation of this course demonstrates GMI Aero ability to provide equipment, training courses and a variety of services worldwide, thanks to its extensive network of reliable Representatives and Trainers, despite the unprecedented conditions that the aeronautical industry is still facing!



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