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Gilda - Aluminium surface treatment

Gilda - Aluminium surface treatment

Portable console for aluminium surface treatment.

Fluid and current management to anodize an aluminum surface before metal-to-metal or carbon-to-metal bonding. Performs anodization of the phosphoric solution. Guarantees precise control of the parameters which condition the success of the operation: regular flow of fluids - acid and water - over the entire surface and the anodizing current.

• Connections: special quick connect couplings
• Connections for the transfer of fluids: product inlet and return
• Anodizing by precise power supply
• Voltage adjustable between 0 and 10 Volts
• Control of the anodizing time as programmed
• Automatic switch from acid flow to rinsing water
• The flow of water or acid is automatically controlled by two peristaltic pumps
• Console dimensions: 308 x 206 x 206 mm
• Weight: 4 Kg

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