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New end-to-end digital framework for optimized manufacturing and maintenance of next generation aircraft composite structures


New end-to-end digital framework for

optimized manufacturing and maintenance

of next generation aircraft composite structures

GENEX project aims at developing a novel end-to-end digital twin-driven framework based on enhanced computational models, which embeds the interdisciplinary knowledge of the aircraft components and the manufacturing/repairing processes, to support the optimized manufacturing of composites parts, enable the continuous operation of aircrafts and improve the composites repairing processes for ensuring aircraft´s safety and airworthiness.

Augmented reality tools together with novel laser-assisted methods for surface cleaning and monitoring, smart monitoring and in-situ tailored heating of composite repair blankets will be further developed to provide additional assistance in manual scarf repair operations, increasing reliability of repair process, while supporting the modification and virtual certification of MRO practices.



Thus, a novel digital twin-driven framework will be implemented into a common IIoT platform to integrate the developed models and data acquired, providing bidirectional dataflow and enabling the implementation of a holistic and comprehensive data management methodology ensuring to adequately create, capture, share, and reuse knowledge along the entire aircraft lifecycle.

GENEX project is a Research & Innovation Action (RIA), co-funded by the European Union Horizon Europe Framework Programme / Clean and competitive solutions for all transport modes (HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01-06). It started on 1/9/2022 and will last until 28/2/2026, including 16 entities from 9 EU countries.



GMI Aero participates in the project as a full Partner aiming at the following developments related to composite repairs:



Obviously, main GMI Aero R&D activities will build around its novel ANITA 4.0 hot bonding console and its related innovative Network Applications (NetApps), so that they become part of the IIoT platform


In addition GMI Aero leads the Work-Package related to the Life Cycle Cost (LCC), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and MRO guidelines for next generation aircraft, including synergies and actions for certification of future composite scarf repair, while being responsible for issuing the Exploitation Plan of all GENEX related innovations.


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