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Anita EZ - 2 Zone Hot Bonder

Anita EZ - 2 Zone Hot Bonder
P/N :GMIEZ0901

The Anita Hot Bonder consoles are known worldwide by MROs and airplane manufacturers as the most appropriate equipment to perform bonding repair on composite structures. Those consoles are conceived to be portable, light and pratical for an easy use by engineers and technicians in the workshops. 

• 2 heating zones controlled simultaneously or independently for 1 or 2 repairs
• 12 Thermocouples (J or K)
• Integrated Printer for quality control
• Automatic switiching to 120V/230V environment
• 2 vacuum lines for the avcuum bag
• Touch screen for easy and intuitive programming
• Reporting of cycles downloadable throught 2 USB ports

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