Composite Repair Training Courses

From our research and development in composite repair conducted along these last twenty yeah, an impressive catalogue of equipment covering all the subjects of the field has been constructed. This ground of knowledge and the experience with our customer allow us to propose to our customer one or two weeks seminars to cover in depth the theory and provide practice hand-on on advanced repair techniques. Engineers and technicians will find here certainly a course adapted to their needs

However mastering composite repair requires fundamental knowledge beyond the simple right implementation of procedural instructions. Composite repair involves the understanding of process phases covering various aspects not familiar to all technicians like resin chemical transformation phases, thermal transfer, sensing and advanced instrumentation, electrical power control…

Standard programs are built to correspond to the classical themes regularly required by MRO’s and manufacturing companies as they cover composite manufacturing and repair subjects. The list of the following programs can be combined to cover a wider range of subject at the request of the customer:

-          Composite Materials Technology

-          Composite Manufacturing Principles

-          Advanced Composite Repair- All Phases Review

-          Advanced Composite Repair- In depth hands-on training

-          Metal – to – Metal bonding

-          Principles and practice of Hot Bonding in Repair –Thermal Transfer Principles

-          Machining of Advanced Composite structures – Routing, Stepping, Scarfing\

-          Moisture Detection and Drying Techniques

-          Damage Evaluation with Ultrasonic Devises


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