About us

GMI AERO SAS has been since its foundation in 1985 a leading innovator and a key provider of solutions and products for advanced process control used in the composite material manufacturing and repair.

As the pioneer in the integrated equipment for advanced process control, GMI AERO evolved to be a key player in the composite repair market and today provides full range of repair equipment and products to best address the ever-increasing technical challenges arising in the aeronautical and wind energy industry.

Deployed with the world’s largest Aircraft Manufacturers, MRO’s and Airlines, GMI’s products deliver the most advanced solutions throughout in all process steps in the repair application and lifecycle.

Our holistic approach and complete suite of products support even the most advanced demands for today’s composite repairs.

The company’s maintains its technological edge by continuously introducing advanced capabilities and extensions of its technology portfolio.

GMI’s headquarters are located in Paris, France. The company serves customers worldwide from agents in Singapore, China, Australia, Russia, South and North America.