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Our Key Activities

Founded twenty five years ago, GMI Aero is a specialist of the technologies needed for the maintenance and fabrication of aircraft structures made of advanced materials. These technologies address the aircraft constructors and the airlines for the repair. GMI Aero conceives and manufactures all the range of equipment for this industry.

These techniques require a thorough knowledge of maintenance, mastering physical and chemical processes involved in all treatments for composite fabrication, NDT and advanced bonding.The need for this technology is rapidly expanding with the introduction of new aircraft like Airbus A380, A350 and Boeing 787 or Bombardier CS. We are offering innovation for to day and to morrow.

Composite Repair Technology and Services

In the field of maintenance, airlines do not compromise on quality and efficiency. GMI Aero is committed to provide structure repair workshops all over the world with the more complete set of equipment and support services by consultancy and training. It is on this strong foundation that GMI Aero has become one of the most world preferred maintenance equipment supplier.

Our ANITA Bonding Console Family is now recognized as an international standard that takes bonding performances to the highest level. Our technology allows us to market the smallest and lightest equipment of this type with intuitive interface for an easy use by workshop technicians. Since, we have designed many versions for very advanced specific needs like:

- Transcowl or Corecowl Repair,
- Radome reskinning,
- Bonding Carbon on Metal parts....

Fabrication Engineering

Whatever the development required, automation of structure production equipment or engineering of a specific solution, we can take it in hands on all its aspects:

- Analysis of process and Modelisation, Sensor design,
- Electronic and Electro-Pneumatic system design,
- Computer and Control Software production,
- On site Installation, Start up, Training.

Consider our Systems for:

- Gas control for Superplastic Bonding,
- Control of Oven and autoclave with simultaneous infusion supervision,
- Design of complex heating distributed installation out of autoclave

Consultancy, Transfer of Technology & Training

In all cases, training support courses are proposed that let you benefit from our experience. We offer specialized courses to master the theoretical and practical topics to use our equipment as well as introducing to the fundamentals of the material science and processing techniques. Courses are held in your premises or in our centres Paris or Montreal.

Research & Development

Addressing future requirements, GMI Aero is a key technology developer in the area of Repair, Processing, NDT and Structural Health Monitoring of composites. R & D is conducted internally and through participation to numerous European funded projects.
GMI Aero permanent cooperation with Universities and research organizations around the world enables the development of innovative solutions to our customer requirements and permits feedback of existing products with advanced new features for the
benefit of the end user.